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Best 8 SureFire Tips For Beginners To Start Blogging

Best 8 SureFire Tips For Beginners To Start Blogging

Blogging Tips #1. To become a successful blogger, passion for blogging and positive thinking is must have things.

Remember blogging needs passion, it will not give results overnight. You prepare a blog and submit it to google, Google may not index your pages overnight. And if it index, it may not shown in search results for weeks or months. So keep patience. Always work with positive thinking that your work will noticed by search engines and your hard work will be rewarded.

Blogging Tips #2. Don’t think to start blogging from “TOMMORROW”.

If you are not confident, start with hosted wordpress or blogger. But start blogging, Don’t just read other blogs, try to follow what experts teach you. Because by only reading, you will not learn everything. You must need practical knowledge.

Blogging Tips #3. Do not start blogging before learning basic SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a must thing to get a good position in search engines. So to get readers from search engines, you must know on-site and off-site seo. Basic seo is enough for beginners to start a blog. After that, you can start in-depth seo for your blog.

Blogging Tips #4. If you are not Problogger, Focus on a single niche.

Most beginner start their blogs with a broad niche, which makes them fail from the beginning. My advice for you is: Select a narrow niche for you to blogging. You will succeed more with narrow niche. Learn what is niche blogging? And tips for how to find your niche to start blogging. So always start your blog with a single narrow niche to make a successful blog.

Blogging Tips #5. Keep learning constant for successful blogging journey.

Constant learning process is a key for success. Do not get tired while learning. Learning is a life long process. You will always find new things for you to learn. And try to grasp new things to walk with the world. Every day visit expert blogger’s blogs in your niche and read what they had written. This will keep you updated with current blogging scenario.

Blogging Tips #6. You must dedicate fix time for blogging every day.

Manage your daily schedule for regular and healthy life. In this schedule, try to allot at least 2 hours per day for blogging. I think 2 hours per day is enough for beginner to start a blog. But Don’t disturb this schedule.

Blogging Tips #7. There are lots of blogging platforms available but I will recommend to start blogging with “Wordpress”.

There are so many blogging platforms are available in blogosphere to start blogging with, you may choose which you like the most. I recommend WORDPRESS to start a blog. WordPress is the leading blogging platform so that beginners can find help through its wide community and forum support.

Blogging Tips #8. If you are serious about blogging, Buy a domain and hosting for your blog.

If you are serious about blogging, Do not prefer subdomain and hosted platforms like wordpress.com and blogger. My advice is to start blogging with your own domain name and self hosted blogging platform. If you decide to buy domain name, Go with .com domain. An if you decide to buy web host, I will recommend “” as the best web host for beginners.

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