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How to Check Blogs search page Rankings with Google SERPs Keyword Position Checker

Check Blogs search page Rankings – Google SERPs Checker Tool

Keyword Position Checker Tool

What page of search am I on was previously known as What Page Of Google Am I On. It is very useful tool or rank tracker for web masters which finds on which page of Google search results your blog or website is ranked for any keyword or query.

It’s important for all bloggers to know how deeper their blog post is listed in search results for that keyword. Obviously, the less deeper your blog indexed in search results, better your search engine optimization and you can make more money.

When you visit what page on search am I on (WPoSAIO) website, you will find two boxes to fill out. One box ask for targeted keyword and the other box ask your blog or website URL. That’s all. Hit on SEARCH button. WPoSAIO will surf first 10 pages of Google search results and show you on which position your page in Google search results is.

It also provides some advanced options under it. You can track your ranking in any Google international domains like .com, co.in, .ad, .az, .ae and many others. It also ask you weather to use a clean URL or not under advanced option.

The best part of WPoSAIO is it scans all Google search pages enabling you to see the search and results in real time. This is very interesting. And it’s speed is also very good.

When talking accuracy point of view, no any rank tracking tool can give you 100% accurate information. Because Google returns its results to you in number of different ways and one of them is geo location. Even if you are not logged into Google account, Google will show you results as per your IP address. In short, 100% accuracy is unattainable.

If you are SEO company or web design company, you can use what page of search am I on PRO service. In this you can embed the HTML code in your website and this is advertisement free and attribution free. By doing this, you can brand yourself and attract new customers.

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