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Top 26 Tips for Beginner Bloggers To Start Blogging

Top 26 Tips for Beginner Bloggers To Start Blogging

 Top 26 Tips for Beginner Bloggers To Start Blogging

Blogging Tips 1. Always learn from experts.

Blogging Tips 2. Plan your work –manage your time.

Blogging Tips 3. Don’t start a blog without doing proper Keyword Research.

Blogging Tips 4. Learn how to organize internal link structure effectively.

Blogging Tips 5. Keep your profile updated and use gravatar.

Blogging Tips 6. Don’t forget to make sitemap.xml page and submit to search engines. This will help you to index your pages faster.

Blogging Tips 7. You should know your readers.

Blogging Tips 8. You should accept guest posts on your blog.

Blogging Tips 9. Reply your reader’s comments.

Blogging Tips 10. Don’t ignore power of social networks, Use stumbleupon, twitter, facebook, digg, etc.

Blogging Tips 11. To get success fast, Choose an Unsaturated Niche to start blogging.

Blogging Tips 12. Analyze your niche market regularly.

Blogging Tips 13. Start building e-mail List from starting and build a good relationship with that readers.

Blogging Tips 14. If you are using wordpress blogging platform, select best wordpress plugins to make a better blog.

Blogging Tips 15. You readers visit your blog to get useful information. So share your blogging tips and tricks with them.

Blogging Tips 16. What did not work for you, share with your readers. They will like it.

Blogging Tips 17. Always give original and quality content to your blog.

Blogging Tips 18. Always write blog posts which are helpful and informative to your readers.

Blogging Tips 19. If you write some content from other source, Don’t forget to give credits to original writer.

Blogging Tips 20. You must add About us, Contact Us, Affiliate Disclosure, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Pages and Sitemap on your blog.

Blogging Tips 21. Always spend some time to Comment other blogs of your niche.

Blogging Tips 22. Optimize your blog sidebar to get better advantages.

Blogging Tips 23. Submit your blog to different directories.

Blogging Tips 24. Participate in healthy Debates with other Bloggers.

Blogging Tips 25. You should organize contests on your blog to make your reader engage.

Blogging Tips 26. Don’t make your blog full of avertisements. And don’t run too many ads from the beginning of your blog.

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