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What is Niche & How to find your niche for a blog

What is Niche & How to find your niche for a blog

what is a niche blogging and why niche blogging?

every topic you are interested to blog about is very broad. For example blogging itself. Blogging is seems a single field. But it includes various sub topic to write about like wordpress, adsense, hosting, domain name or the one you are reading niche blogging, and many more. Now select one subtopic from these list and find a related keyword by keyword research. Pick a keyword which has a high search volume and low competition and start blogging on that keyword is called niche blogging. Many beginners start a blog with a broad niche and fails. And they can’t concentrate on one specific niche. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to start a blog with specific keyword.
There are many benefits of starting niche blogging:
  • You can become an expert in your niche market.
  • You will exactly know what your audience in that niche actually expects from you.
  • It will become very easy for you to understand and optimize your specific niche.
  • You will get lots of benefit from the specific niche if you find very less competitive niche for blogging.
Now you understand exactly what is niche blogging? Ok, Now lets see how to find your niche for a blog.

How to find your niche?

I am so many time asked that how to find a niche? How to find profitable niche? Here is the best answer for how to find your niche.
1. Find a niche which You are really Passionate About.
The most important advice is to “choose what you love”. It means start with a niche you are passionate about and you love to write about. This is a great because you are already well-informed and experienced on that specific niche. And other big advantage you will get is you will never get bored from such niche which you are passionate about. Successful blogs updates frequently. If you love that niche, you will write more unique content for it and update your blog frequently.
2. Find a niche which You love to Discuss and debate with Other People.
Successful bloggers always interact with its readers. They start interactions via comments or emails. Because they love their niche so naturally they also love to discuss and debate with readers. In future, as your blog grows, there may be chances that some of your readers may not agree with you. So at that time, you must be responsive and you must start a healthy discussion on that. So it will create a healthy environment.
3. Find a niche which You love to Research more.
When you are finding you niche, you should be interested enough that you like to research constant in that niche. Researching is the key to success. Always research in that niche and give your visitors a new and unique niche blogging environment.
And if you are still confused how to find your niche? Don’t worry, Read this last tipt and I am sure this will help you a lot:
4. If you Have a Passion to learn, no need to have passion for specific niche to blog about.
Still you are confused for finding a niche. Can’t find your niche which meets above specifications? Don’t worry. you can still become a successful and professional blogger if you have a passion to learn. Having the passion to learn anything is the simple but powerful technique which make successful blogger. Now you can choose any of your preferred niche. And by increasing your knowledge in that niche, you can then write great content.
Till here you have learnt how to find your niche. Now it’s time to know that your chosen niche is profitable or not…

How to make sure that your selected niche is better to start with?

characteristics of a good niche which you must check after finding your niche:
1. your niche must be popular enough : Every business is work on the same principle “supply and demand”. Simply, you can not build successful online blog without the demand full niche.

2. your niche must be growing, must not be lose interest of readers as time passes: Never choose any topic which is of short term. Always find your niche which is sustainable for long term means on which people will also make search in future.

3. Your niche should have considerable amount of competition: Again think of ‘supply and demand’. If there is less demand and more supply in your niche, there is less chance to stand out in that niche market. So, try to find a niche which has more demand and limited competition. By this, you will increase your chance to win.

4. you must have enough content for that niche: You must have the ability to write with fresh content continuous  on your niche for long periods of time. If you are able to deliver fresh content continuously, you can start blogging with that niche.

5. There must me income source for that niche: If you want to monetize you blog, you have to check whether niche that you’ve chosen has any potential to generate income streams. And also check the advertiser’s competition for adsense and check for related products on amazon or clickbank for affiliate income.

Here I have tried to give you the best guide on how to find your niche for a blog?
Now it’s your turn, spread this article by social bookmarking it. Post your questions and precious comments below.

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