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What are the features present in the Camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone?

What are the features present in the Camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone?

Samsung Galaxy is always highly appreciated for their camera quality. Over the years, Samsung has launched different smart phones and each one of them is better and advanced than the previous one. In February 20016, Samsung has launched their new Galaxy version, namely the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and needless to say, the camera quality is stunning. With 12 megapixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front camera, this Smartphone is a delight to possess.

The major features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are mentioned below:

Low light performance:
Often it happens that you are somewhere where the light is dim or the sun has set but you have this incredible desire to capture the moment forever. With any normal phone, the image is grainy and dull hereby killing the essence of the moment. But with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera you will never experience such a moment ever. The F1.7 lens along with 1.4µm pixels on the image sensor allows you to capture high quality photo with detailed precision.

Dual Pixel 12MP:

Wondering what it is all about? Well, the image sensor has 2 photodiodes instead of one which ensures that the next time you aim to click a photo, your camera captures the image quickly and accurately just the way you see the image with your naked eye.

Revolutionary focus:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has dual pixel sensor whereby the camera is used for phase detection. The auto focus is incredibly seamless and super fast so that you can capture every movement in the frame in the most perfect way.

Motion Panorama:

Now, for the first time, you are able to capture motion while your camera is on panorama mode. And the final photo is a culmination of all the movements in the best possible way. Want to relive the moment that you just captured? Swipe your phone screen or pan your phone sideways and voila you have the moment in front of you.

Motion photo:

The next time you say “1, 2, 3, Cheese” be prepared – the motion photo captures all the motions in sequence. You can select which moment would you like to save and upload. How cool is that?


Are you fidgety when it comes to clicking videos? Does your hand shake? Don’t let this shakiness affect your video quality. The new vDIS technology makes sure that every time you record a video, the end result comes out perfect and crystal clear.


Does your camera make you look fat every time you click a photo? Don’t let a camera dishearten you from clicking amazing photos. Highlight the body parts that you wish to light with the Beauty Mode already installed on your phone. You can adjust the spotlight by selecting the different aspects.

Selfie flash:

Don’t let poor lighting affect the quality of your selfie. The front flash of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera utilizes the sAMOLED display to make sure that there is a soft glow to your face so that you look bright and crystal clear, every time you click a selfie.

Wide selfie: 

With the wide selfie option, you get to involved everyone in your group for that “complete” picture. Pan your phone sideways for that 120 degree coverage for that happy group photo.

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