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How To Acess Quick (Shortcut Ball) Ball in Mi Phone On MIUI 8

How To Acess Quick (Shortcut Ball) Ball in Mi Phone On MIUI 8.

Hey MIUI Users.

Xiaomi unveiled its next version of there custom skin -MIUI 8 in India on 30th June with the Features you imagined in your dream os. It have features like cloned apps, Second space that let you organize two personalities in a single smartphone. MIUI 8 also have amazing features like wallpaper carousel, Mi Lanting Font, long screenshots etc. One of them is the new Quick Ball and today we are going to talk about it.

What exactly is Quick Ball?

Quick Ball in simple words is a tough assistant with combination of five unique shortcut (helps to do quick functions and tasks easily) that user can customize also. Quick Ball is aimed to give users quick and easy access to shortcuts and apps they use frequently.Quick ball can be placed anywhere on the screen and can also be accessed in lockscreen also. 

How to  Quick Ball Feature on?

How To Acess Quick (Shortcut Ball) Ball in Mi Phone On MIUI 8
1. Go to Settings.
2.Scroll Down and Go to Additional Settings.
3.Go to Quick Ball.
4.Turn that on and enjoy you Quick Ball.

How To Acess Quick (Shortcut Ball) Ball in Mi Phone On MIUI 8
Right after you set up the Quick Ball Feature ,you will see a translucent ball present on the side screen of your device.If you touch the ball, it will turn opaque and spread into 5 circles. Each circle stands for unique shortcuts which can be customized also.  We have back , home,recents tray,lock , screenshot options in default. It is one of the most awesome features in MIUI 8 in my opinion.

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