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10 great features of Android Oreo Os

10 great features of Android Or Os

Google has demonstrated the Android version of the Android operating system, and its beta version has been made available to you for the consumer, which you can install in your phone. Like all new things, people are also curious about this new version of Android. People want to know what’s new at Android OS this time, so let’s tell you 10 great features of Android OS.

1. Limit Background

Even though the Android phone maker boasts of bigger battery, but even today the battery problem in the phone is the same. Most battery consumption is due to the application running in the background. In such a way Google has limited background to the new OS. You can set how many apps can run in the background. This will improve the phone’s performance and battery backup will be good too.

2. Notification Channels

At Android O, the company has introduced notification channels, where you can store notification by app, and you can create a ringtone change and different types of caterers according to your need.

3. Autofill

This feature of Android O is also awesome. To create any kind of email ID or to create a transaction ID, you have to fill your details. In such a situation, Google will now save your information and keep it safe. After this you will fill this information whenever you have to enter some information.

4. Picture in Picture

The company had introduced this feature last year in Android TV. At the same time, the company has also introduced it with Android O. In it you can set the screen anywhere in the floating window while watching the video and then use another app. Not only this, two videos can also be played together.

5. WiFi Aware

This feature can say the most awesome. Two WiFi devices can communicate with you without internet. I.e., the internet can transfer data even without. Google has given this feature to Android OS WiFi Aware.

6. Font Download

Android operating system o will get you a special feature download font. Although this does not mean that you will be able to use different types of fonts, this will reduce the app size considerably and the likelihood of app installation will also increase significantly. This will make a big difference even on the phone’s performance. FONT DOWNLOAD will use the same type of font with every app, and this will take less time to install the app, less data and memory will also be empty.

7. Adaptive Icon.

Generally, the Icon looks like an Android phone. However, it can be changed according to the launcher, but the company has introduced Adaptive Icon Option in Android OS. Where the Aikon shape and style will change according to the phone model and screen size.

8. Cache Data Limit

Android OS now has the cache data limit set by Google. That is, every app will have different cache memory allotteats. As soon as the system feels that the data is increasing, it will start deleting the old cache data by itself.

9. Smart Sharing

Android OS has equipped Smart Sharing features where the OS itself will tell you where you can share the data. Smart Sharing will tell the application based on your habits.

10. A tilt navigation button

This time you will get additional button navigation in Android OS. In addition to back, home and overview, it will find a button which you can set screen capture and shortcuts etc.

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