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How To Install The Latest Version Of Android

How To Learn and Install The Latest Version Of Android

Every year Google’s developers’ event Google I / O is being organized as it is known and this year’s conference has also been started. The Google I / O 2017 event was launched in the headquarter of US based Mountain View California, where the company announced a number of plans after one. In addition, Google also announced about the new Android operating system o

However, as is known, the name of the Android operating system is named after a sweet. It was hoped that the company also revealed the name of Android OS but it did not happen. But Google has definitely announced the beta version of Android OS. In March, the company launched the Developers version of Android O but has now introduced the beta version for the common user where any user can install the Android OS operating system in their phone. The particular thing can be said that the company has also assured that there will be no problem in the phone.
You can install Android’s new operating system o in your phone too. First of all for

1. You will need to sign in with your Google Account by visiting this beta page of this Android. Click here for this.

2. With the click, you will get the registration and you will get a notification in the phone via OTA; Over the Ardha. It may take up to 24 hours for notifications to arrive.

3. Even if the notification does not come, you can see it in the settings of your phone through the software update in the phone.

4. With update, you will get the option to download. Click on it. Remember that it will take a while. This update will be big enough so it is important to have WiFi speed better.

5. Once the phone is fully installed, then restart it. Now your phone is ready to run on Android o.
Android OS will run in Qin fones

The Android OS operating system can be installed in a few phones at the moment. You can run it in Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.

Some necessary instructions.

While updating the phone, remember that at least 4 GB of memory is empty. Besides, the phone’s battery is also charged up to 80 percent. However, remembering during the update, all the user data on your phone will be lost. The same account where you have signed in for the beta program, in the phone it should be in the primary account. That’s right, even if you’ve already signed the beta program for Android N, you’ll still get the beta version of Android OS.

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