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what is USB OTG and its 10 Big Benefits

You must have seen the USB slot in your Android smartphone. With this you can connect more and more cable to the phone and transfer data from the PC. At the same time, there are many discussions about USB OTG with Yusby today, but you have ever wondered what this USB OTG is, how it differs from ordinary USB and what its uses are. No! Let us tell you everything about USB OTG.

What is USB OTG

USB OTG stands for USB on the go. Through which you can connect to the external device in your smart devices. This is similar to the USB in view but there is no difference but it becomes very useful in terms of features. The first mention of USB OTG came in the year 2001. It was started in computers at that time, but today the use of this technology in smartphones is being used quite a bit. However, for the use of many things you will need a separate OTG cable.
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Benefits of USB OTG
USB OTG has many advantages in the smartphone We have mentioned the same ten advantages ahead.

1. Can Penrite Connect

The biggest advantage of USB OTG is that you can use a number of external devices including pendrive in your phone. You can also add a hard drive if you wish. This work of OTG is not possible.

2. Internet can connect to Dangla

If your phone has USB OTG support then you can connect to the Internet through your phone in OGG cable and can run the internet.
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3. Can Connect Printer

You can also connect the printer to your phone if you have USB OTG support. Connect the printer’s cable to the phone and can print directly. Many printers do not have WiFi support, so OTG cable is extremely beneficial.

4. Can Camera Connect

Through OTG, you can also connect the camera to your phone and take photos and file transfers from it. This work becomes very easy. Not only this, with the help of some DSLR app, you can direct control DSLR camera from your phone but for this it is necessary to have OTG support in the phone.

5. Connect game to phone game controller

With the touch and motion of Android phones you enjoy the game, but some people like to play games from the game controller. In such a way, OTG can connect to the gaming console when the phone is in support.

6. The power bank will make the phone

If your phone has USB OTG support then you can use your phone as a power bank too. You can charge another phone from your phone only. Without OTG it is not possible.

7. Connect to Ethernet

In-house internet broadband service with cable. It is also cheap with fast internet. It is also called ethernet. In this case, if your phone has OTG Spectort, then with the help of connector, you can run the Internet service from the cable in the phone.

8. Record high quality phone from the phone

If you think your phone is not recording the best quality then you can record high quality sound with the help of USB OTG. For this you can connect professional microphone to your android phone.

9. Keyboard and Mouse Can Connect

If your Android phone has USB OTG support then it can connect the keyboard and mouse without Bluetooth. This feature is very effective in case the screen is deteriorating.

10. Use of Mobile Accessories

If you have USB OTG support in the phone, you will be able to use some other mobile accessories, including your Android Phone USB Fan and USB Lite.

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