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Learn the 15 Great Features of Android Operating System 7.0

A few months ago Google had introduced pixel phones with its new Android operating system 7.0 NuGt. So far, these operating systems are not available in more phones, but some companies have recently made their phone nuggets. Motorola has also started sending updates for the Moto phone. Nuggets will be available in many phones in the new year and will also be seen in low cost phones. In this way, we have given full information about Android Operating System 7.0. We have given 15 special features that you would like.

1. Clear Call

So far, in the Android phone, you close the app one by one. But now the company has introduced the option of Clear Call. Through which you can close all running applications in the background with just one click.

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2. Data Saver

The option of data saver was in the browser, but now the company has presented it with a nugget. By going to Settings, you can enclose data saver directly from data usage. Previous phones had the option of background data restriction.

3. Bundled No Taptation

Android has introduced the option of bundled notifications in operating system 7.0. There will be a similar notification in a bunch. Apart from this, the notification has been placed in the template so that you can clearly see all the no-txtification. Swipe right on the home screen and you can see the notifications in details.

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4. Manage Netting

This feature is also very useful. If you keep a notification for long periods of time, then there will be an option to alert the Disable and Silent. You will go directly to that app and manage the notification of that app from there.

5. New setting

The option of Quick Settings was introduced by the company in Android Operating System 6.0 Marshmelo. This time the new settings have been given the option. In Quick Settings, you can set yourself where to put the application. Apart from this you can swipe to see it on two pages too. You can make changes to the tile style menu according to your needs.

6. Multivindex

So far, some phones, including Samsung Galaxy Note, had multi-Windows support, but it was done by a third-party app. Now Google has made it a feature of the 7.0 version of Android. Where you can use side by side two apps simultaneously.

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7. Quick App Switching

You can use Quick App Switching in Android Operating System 7.0. If you double click on the multitask button, then the last two apps will come in front of you, you can use it by selecting the app as per your requirement.

8. Display size

So far, there was an option to adjust the font size in Android phones, but now the company has given the option of display size where you can adjust everything on the display. For this, you can go to Settings and get the option of display and then display slider.

9. Number Block

Knowing this, you might wonder, so far, there was no option of blocking the Android operating system, but the company has introduced this feature in Nugget where you can block any number in the phone itself without a third party app. You can also view the block list and the message in it.

10. Accessibility enhancement

This time special care has been taken in Android for the disabled. Now you can set features such as Magnification gestures, font size and talk back from welcome screen. At the same time, the nuts API is now capable of supporting features like Face Tracking, Eye Tracking and Point Scanning.

11. Gif Image

Google has also given a GIFF image support in the Android operating system 7.0, and it can be said that you will now get a GIF option in the Android keyboard. You can use this live image in messages and chatting.

12. Call screening

With Google, Google has given call screening features. Where you can resume the incoming call. Along with this, you can turn off the call from the call log and not only the notification related to that call can be closed.

13. Dosage

This feature was first seen with the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow but the company has already made it better in the Android 7.0 update. Running in this feature background

14. Quick App Install:

There is a quick path app install support in Android 7.0. Where big apps will also be installed in a very short time. There will be less time in app updates too.

15. Direct boot

This feature is also of great work. You may have seen it in the Chrome browser before, but now Google has introduced it with nuggets. In this case if the phone hangs up or you are unable to use it, then the phone will restart from the direct boot, but even after the boot, some services will be as it was before you left it.

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