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10 Great Features of Your Android Phone Can Do But You Do not Know

During the use of Android phones, we think of playing a lot, messaging, internet and games, but it is not so. Your Android phone has actually been very smart and it is capable of doing many things that you can not think of. Calling Messaging is a small thing. This can be your personal assistant and can do the protection of your home. Not only this, many can do such things for which you spend thousands. Next we have given information about ten such great works of Android phones you might not know.
1. CC TV
You probably do not know that you can use your phone as a CC TV. The special thing can be said that you can watch the recorded video from a phone live in another phone. However, for this you have to download the IP Webcam app in both of your phones. Its easy to use and it is also quite useful.

2. Security camera
You would say that security cameras and cc tv are the same thing while not the same. In the security camera, your phone will be guarding your home and as soon as someone enters your house it will tell you noise. For this, you can download Silent Eye applications in your phone.
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3. Find a car parked
So far you have been thinking this is possible but Google’s Android OS can do everything. There can be a special thing that you do not need to download any app separately for it, you can find it only from Google Map. For this, you have to open the map while you park the car and click on the location to set up Park My Car. Now when you come back to take a car, your phone will tell you where your car is parked.
4. Auto Unlock
You probably will not know that you can set up Auto Unlock in your phone. The phone will unlock as it goes to a particular area. Most people shy away from unlocking the phone repeatedly in the house. In such a situation, they can set the option of Trusted Place. Phone Autos will be unlocked whenever you go to Trusted Place. It has to go to the setting and choose the security and from there, go to the Smarttalk option and set up Trusted Place.

5. Insert Recycle Bin in Phone
You can use the recycle bin in your Android phone to do the computer. After this, when you delete a file, you will get it from the Recycle Bin. For this, you can download the Dementier app in your phone. After installing it, if you delete any image, video or file folder then you will get back from dumttere.

6. Will call math solv
The brain eats the mind after reading Math and teaching math. Math teacher’s fees are so easy that giving tuition is not easy for everyone. In this case, you can resort to your mobile. Just wondering how Mobil will tell. But you probably do not know that only you will scan the question with the camera and it will give you information with the entire formula. You can download Photo Math app in your phone.
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7. Remote Data Lock
If the phone is lost or lost, then you have more worry than the phone data. In this case, you can also lock lost or stolen device from other Android device or PC. For this, you have to download the Android Device Manager app in another phone and login to your Gmail account which was integrated into the lost phone and wipe the data. You can also lock on the PC with Android Device Manager.
8. Fake location
If you do not want an app or site to track you in the correct location, you can resort to the mock location. This will show fake location by hiding your actual location. This option will get you inside the developers’ app in the phone.

9. Create phone mouse
You can use your phone as a mouse pc. For this, you can download the Remote Mouse app in the phone. After downloading the application you have to connect the phone to PC Bluetooth and you can easily use the phone as a mouse.
10. WiFi Kill
You use WiFi In a few days, it runs fine but later it becomes very slow. The reason for this is that many other devices connect to your WiFi. They

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