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How To Unlock “Facebook” Temporarily Locked! Account

Facebook will block your account if it detects security problems with your profile, such as those associated with hacking, cyberstalking, and privacy intrusion. If your Facebook account has been blocked, you can have your account unblocked by either answering your security question, or having Facebook send a unique security code to your most trusted Facebook friends.

Flow STEP:
1. Reinstall the app on your phone, and clear the cache if you have it opened in your browser.

2. Email disabled@facebook.com and include your name, date of birth, and a brief description of the probably. They will likely ask you to confirm your identification with a license or passport.

3. Once your identity is confirmed, they will send a reactivation link as long as you have not violated any of their policies. Click on that and go through the automated security verification process.

4. During this time, try not to attempt to open your Facebook account for any reason.

Why Facebook Account Gets Locked.

Facebook server not responding.
Somebody attempted to hack FB account.
User entering incorrect login credentials.
Spam links shared on Facebook wall.
Sending friend request to unknown people.
Sharing unsolicited images and videos on Facebook wall.
Sending pokes to too many people at a time.
Regular comments on images of unknown person.
Sending request to subscribe too many groups at a time.

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