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How to Know Facebook Friend Contact Number? Unlock Privecy

The social networking site Facebook will all be used. In such a situation, it is obvious that users will know all about Facebook. But what we are going to tell you today, you may not know. We are going to tell you a Facebook Trick, so you can easily find the mobile number of all your Facebook friends. If your Facebook friend has registered his mobile number on Facebook, you can know his mobile number. So let’s tell you this trick. How to get a mobile number on Facebook?
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If a friend of your friend has made his phone number public, you can go to his Facebook timeline and find his number. But sometimes some people hide their phone numbers. You can take help of this trick to know the number of such friends.

1. Open Chrome browser on your computer first.
2. Now you have to install Toolkit for facebook extension tool.

3. Now open this extension. Here you have some options.

4. Of these, you have to click Extraction Tools. Here you have to click on the extract public phone number of friends.

5. This is not a free tool. You have to subscribe to it. It costs 9 dollars i.e. around 630 rupees.

6. You will be able to see the list of your friends’ phones as soon as you take a subscription.

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