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how to compress video files

How to reduce the size of the video size of the video? (How to Video Video)? Today I am here to tell about this in detail. You all know how big HD video size is today, in this way you can not store more videos of the best quality in the phone. 

Or, if you are a YouTube Creator and you make a video edit in 1080p, then its size is at least 1GB to 2GB. In this case, you will have to use more Internet Data to upload videos. But if you compress the video and give less size. So you will very easily be able to upload a video to the Internet. So let’s see ..

What is Video Compression (what is)?
Video compression is a process by which we compress the size of any video files. But there are some ways to change video quality, which makes the video worse. But here I am going to tell you about the way. It is by far the best Video Compression Software in my opinion to date. 

Some of the features are such.

YouTube Video Compression
Gmail Video Compression
1080p to 1080p Fast Video compression
Compressing video without changing quality.
Compress 100 MB Size video into 10MB size.
Video Compress Kaise Kare (How to Video Video)?

To make Video Compression, you must download a software called Handbrake Video Compression Software. This is open source and absolutely free software. Which you can easily install in your Laptop / Computer. If you can not find the software here, then you can download it by clicking here. Download Handbrake Software
After download and install Video Compression Software Handbrake, you can reduce the size of any video by following a few easy steps below. (One thing to note is that if your computer has .NET 4.6 installed, then it will not be open. For this, first install the .NET Framework from here.)

How did the audio recorded in the noise only make its audio?
How to create a software for laptops?

Step 1. First of all, open this software and click on File to select video (I have selected 92MB of video).

Step 2. Now you select Destination where you want to save Compressed Video.

Step 3. Now from here you can reduce the height and width of the video, and you can crop the video with any corner. (Note: According to me, neither do you change the original video of the video nor crop the video).

Step 4. In the right hand side you will find at least 100 ways to compress the video, you can select an option according to your own. Like I have selected Fast 480p.

Step 5. Now let’s click on the Start Encode Option and Wait for the Compression Process to be Completed. Process here is a bit slower and it takes a little time. As soon as the process is complete you can check the video size and quality. My video size has ranged from 92MB to 20MB.

Friends are told here How to Video Compress? Or how to reduce the size of a video. If you have a video whose size is huge and you want to reduce usage. So for you it can be the BEST Video Compression Software. The best thing is because it is an open source free software that anyone can download. If you are Youtuber, then you can save your very much Internet Data through it. Hope you like this software and you are being helpful.

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