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Top 20 way to Make Money Onine.

20 Popular Ways to Make Money from the Internet or want to Earn Money Online. So today I will tell you about online Paisa Kamane Ke 20 Popular Tarike. If you succeed in any Tarike of these then you can earn from 10000 to 100000 per month. 

make money online

The best thing about these methods of making money online is that it is not limited to any age group people. Through all these methods Student, House Wife, Employee or anyone who has 2 to 3 Hour free time in 24 Hour can earn money online.

I know this, many of you try to earn money from PTC, Captcha Verification, Click On Ads. I do not say that money can not be earned by them. But this is not the best way for all Make Money Online. One thing, and if you have it in your Online Shortcut Tarike Se Paisa Kamaya can be done. So it’s a totally wrong idea because you do not have any website or tool online through which you start earning millions of dollars.

Today I’m about to share your thoughts about Paisa Kamane Ke 20 Popular Tarike. This is not all the shortcut but is the best Tarike for Online Income.

1- Write Article on Authority Sites:

There are many such Authority Websites, where you can earn money by writing an article. If you are interested in Article Writing All these Websites approach their User base and profits for growing and Fresh Content, and this pays $ 50 to $ 200 of an article.

In this case if you have knowledge in Article Writing So you can earn $ 500 to $ 1000 of the month sitting at home. For this, you will have to give 3 to 4 hours a day.

Start by saying-

I’ll tell you about top 10 Amazing Authority Websites. Which gives the money of Article Writing.

Topic: Photoshop / Design
Payment & Payment Method: $ 30 to $ 350 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: General (All)
Payment & Payment Method: $ 100 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Web Design
Payment & Payment Method: $ 25 to $ 350 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Travel
Payment & Payment Method: $ 40 to $ 150 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: General / Humor
Payment & Payment Method: $ 50 to $ 200 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Web Development
Payment & Payment Method: $ 100 to $ 350 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Photoshop / Design
Payment & Payment Method: $ 30 to $ 350 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Make Money Online / SEO
Payment & Payment Method: $ 50 to $ 200 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: Photoshop / Design
Payment & Payment Method: $ 30 to $ 350 Per Article & Paypal

Topic: WordPress
Payment & Payment Method: $ 30 to $ 100 Per Article & Paypal

Where Billionaires Spend Their Money? 

2- Buy and Sell Domain Name:

Domain Name is the address of any Blog / Website. Such as, This is also a very good option for online Paisa kamane.

To make money in this manner, your main task is to buy a domain that is going to increase Demand and Commercial Value in Future,


After this, you can buy a purchased domain in Cheap Price by going to a website such as and sell it at High Price. This way you can earn $ 50 to $ 500 per month or sometimes earn thousands of dollars on a domain.

3- Become a Captioner:

The process of converting the audio and video file to text is called captioning and what converts is called the coptioner.

All of you have seen Substitles in TV Serial, Movies, it’s all typed by Subtitles Captioner. If you speak fluently English, you write it. So you can become a captioner.

Start with said –

If you want to earn online money through Captioning, then you can apply for it on Here you will get $ 0.4 to $ 0.7 for per Video Minute i.e. you get very comfortable every month $

4- Data Entry Jobs:

Without Investment Online This is a popular way for Paisa Kamane. In this you have to read data from a format and in the second format it has to be typed.

E.g. Read PDF Data and Type it on Excel Sheet.

For Data Entry Job, you just have to know about Computer Basic and MS Office. By this you can earn 5000 to 10000 rupees per month.

Start by saying-

However, you can apply to any Job Portel for Data Entry Job but if you want to do Data Entry from home. So for this you can start from here.

5- Email Marketing:

If you have a Blog / Website or any such source. Through which you can mobilize many people’s email. So you can earn money by any Product Promotion Email.

Email Marketing is highly profitable but it takes a little time. In the beginning you will earn a lot of money. But once the Email List has been built, you can earn thousands of rupees every month.

6- Become a Freelancer:

For people who want to earn money by doing online work from home, such as Student & house Wife, Freelancing is the best way for them to have online Paisa Kamane ke.

If you have any skills that you can express on the Internet. So you can become a freelancer.

By saying and how to start- and,

These are two such websites, where you can find a job according to your profile and by posting about your Skills, Expirence. By Freelancing, many people are earning money by joining the house till date. meet Youngest Millionaire

7- Sell Merchandise on

Zazzle is an online marketplace where you do some design or drawings or print photos on T-shirt, Coffee Cup, Bags. So you get the money for it.

If you have information about using Photoshop software, you can sell your Design, Drawing and Photo Print T-shirt, Coffee Cup, Bags from Photoshop’s Help to Design on Zazzle.

8- Sell a Service On

Feverr is a Global Online Marketplace, if you have information about anything. Such as Freelancing, Designing, Development or anything else ..

So you can earn money by making your profile on and sitting at home by posting your Skills, Work Expirence. Just for this, you have to do 2 to 3 Hour Work on Day. If you want information about Feverr, please click here.

9-Become an Amazon Associate:

Amazon Associate Online Affiliate Program is if you have a blog or website. So you can earn Earn from Amazon Associate from Referral Link.

For this, you just have to write articles about the product on your blog and add them to the Referral or Affiliate link post. If someone buys that product with their Referral Link, then you will get some% Commission of that Product’s price.

10-Get Paid For Tweet:

If you like to tweet and have a good follower on your Twitter account. You can do Earning by Posting Sponsored Tweet.

By this you can earn thousands of dollars but earn $ 100 $ 200 a month. It depends on your Follower Base.

E.g. If you are a Network Marketer and most of your Follower is from a region like US, UK & Canada, then you can get $ 50 of a tweet as well.

Start by saying-

Sign up here for Sponsor Tweet,

11- Online Survey Jobs:

However, not all online survey jobs are correct, but some such market research companies that have a main purpose are to collect User Data for marketing. For this all companies pay good money.

Start by saying-

If you want to earn money through online paid survey, then you can join any website given below.


12-CPA Marketing:

CPA “Cost Per Action” is the Internet’s popular way of making money on internet.

There is a small difference in affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, in the CPA, money is given to click on Referral Link and buy Product, while Affiliate only gets money

13 & 14- Facebook & WhatsApp Marketing:

All of you know about these two, one of the world’s most popular Social Network, and the second most popular Messaging App.

By I told about online Paise Kamane in detail that you can get information by clicking here.

Facebook Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye
What is WhatsApp?

15 & 16: Start Youtube Channel & Blog:

In my opinion, these are the easiest but most popular methods of both Make Money Online. With Youtube & Blog you can earn millions of rupees every month and simultaneously make yourself popular on the Internet.

By saying and how to start-

Blog Blog
YouTube Channel

17- Affiliate Marketing:

I have already told you about earning money through it. If you share a Referral Link of a Product with your Blog, Youtube Channel, Social Sited, Message and if someone buys that Product from your Referral Link. Then you get some% commission of that product’s price.

Start by saying-

There are many webites, companies in India that give opportunity to earn money through the Affiliate Program, there are some popular Websites.


18-Sell Website On Filpa: website is World’s Most Popular Marketplace of Buying & Selling if you have good information about Website Development & WordPress. So you can sell on Website Develop by Flipa.

How to Start-

First of all, search the kind of website Demand Market is more. And then you buy relavent domain according to the same topic.

Now you can design that website well and post 10-20 Article also. Then you can create an account at and sell your website.

19 & 20- Sell Art and Crafts On Etsy: is a Buyer & Seller Community like Ebay but Etsy is done to supply Focus Art, Craft Handmade or Vintage.

Many people in India who do a very good Craft work but because of not getting any good Martetplace, they do not know the exact price of their work. In this case, if you also do Craft, Art Design, then you can make a good income by selling your product at

Friends, online Paisa Kamane Ke 20 Popular Tarike has been told about. Even ways online is the best to earn money and can earn from them for a long time. Well all the ways are right, but I find the easiest blogging and Youtube because you earn money in both of these as well. People connect with you through internet and with this, 20 popular Tarike starts connecting with them in the income of many ways.

In my opinion, these are the easiest but most popular methods of both Make Money Online. With Youtube & Blog you can earn millions of rupees every month and simultaneously make yourself popular on the Internet.

By saying and how to start-

Blog Blog
YouTube Channel

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