Monday, September 28, 2020
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Facebook Feature Updated,Now no wrong uses you profile picture

Facebook has introduced new tools in India that can be protected from downloading and sharing profile pictures. This step can reduce the misuse of photographs. With the help of profile picture on Facebook, people find each other and connect with each other. Nonetheless, not everyone regards applying a profile picture as safe.

Facebook researchers found that some women do not consider securing their profile pictures secure in which their face is visible because they fear that their photograph may misuse them.
New tools have been developed in association with many organizations, including the New Delhi-based Center for Social Research and Planning. Facebook’s product manager, Aarti Soman, said, “We are launching new tools which will give people more control in the context of who can download and share profile pictures in India.”
“With it we are also exploring the way through which people can easily add design to the profile picture. Our research has found it helpful in preventing misuse. “He said,” On the basis of experience found in India, we will start it soon in other countries. “People using Facebook after the addition of new tools The profile picture will not be able to download, share and send to another place. Soman said that those who are not your friends on Facebook will not be able to tag you with anything. In India people will get step-by-step information for activating it on their Facebook.

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