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Update in 7 Easy Steps Your Android operating system

There are new things coming soon in the smartphone era. System updates are also one of them. That means your phone will remain the same, but the features will be new in it. Will be updated-to-date. 
android os update

The phone’s performance will also get better, but how will it be? In a blink of an eye. Yes, are right. Just follow the things described below as the ultimate reality, the phone will be completely up-to-date. Apes will also be delivered with the system and software being pulsace. So long … wait.

1. Back up and reset
the options of the backup and take back the data. The device is expected to crash, so it will be good if you take a backup.

2. Go to Settings. Click About Phone.

3. Now you will see the System Updates section. Some devices may have been named as Software Updates. Do not forget the confusion at all and click on it.

4. As soon as you click on the system or software update section, it will check the updates associated with your device. If they are available, then your phone will update. Many times updates are long, so they take longer.

5. And if the system or software update is not present, then your device will show up to date. That is, you will have to use it as soon as the next update comes.

6. After the update is completed, your device will ask you to restart your updates and install updates. You can also make updates at that time too. If there is a shortage of time then you can do this work later.

7. After the device is updated, please restart it and then enjoy the new updated features.

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