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Your stolen phone can know location and IMEI number

On the day you hear the incidents of mobile theft In this case, you are also afraid that your phone may not be stolen. You are very aware of the phone and it is also important. But such incidents often happen without wanting. In such a case it is necessary that you be aware of these things in advance and if the phone is stolen, then it can be done by itself to a large extent. Next we have explained the same way through which you can not only know the location of the phone, but you can find up to the IMEI number of your lost or stolen phone. 

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Remember that if you have an IMEI number then you can properly file a police case and the police can locate the phone from the IMEI number only. Not only this, if the network operators wish to blacklist the phone by the IMEI number so that no one can misuse them.

How to know if IMEI number of stolen phones
The IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equivalent Identity) is called. IMEI number of all phones is different, this is the identity of the phone. If there are two SIMs in the phone then there will be two IMEI numbers. This number of 16 digits is very useful. If the phone is stolen or lost, then your phone’s IMEI number can be seen on the phone bill or box. Although not everybody has a phone box or bill, we are going to tell you another way.

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First of all, you will need a PC on which you are running the Internet

Now go to Google search on the computer and search the Google Dashboard. The dashboard will be the first option in search.

Login will be received by clicking on it and you have to log in from the same account with your Gmail account from which you logged into Android phone.

After logging in, you have to go to Personal Information and Privacy Options.

In this you will scroll down to the bottom and the Google Dashboard option will appear. You have to click on it. With this, many options on the PC will be openly exposed.

If you scroll down a little bit, you will get Android’s app, you have to click here. Once you click on it, you’re done.

Here you will find information about all the fons that you have used. IMEI number will also be written along with the phone. You can see it from here. Although the process seems to be as long as it seems, it is not so much. If the Internet is working properly, then within two minutes you can get the details of the IMEI number.

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How to know the location of the stolen phone
If your Android smartphone is stolen or lost, you may still know its location. However, it is important that you have the Device Administrator feature in your phone. In the new Android phone, after logging in to a Gmail account, the device ad ministrator’s feature is available so that your phone is stolen or lost, you can know the location of your device. There is a Track Mai feature in it and you can know the actual location of the phone from him.

In case of phone theft or loss, you can use the Find My Phone feature on the web or any other mobile. On any computer, you can go to Google search and search by typing Android Device Manager or Find My Phone and then you will get the option above.

After clicking on the link, you will be asked for a login and you have to log in with the same account from which you logged into the stolen Android phone.

As soon as you log in, on Google Maps, you will show this device’s or styled location where your phone is located.

If you wish, you can track your phone by downloading Android Device Manager app in another Android phone. You also need to login with your Gmail ID in this.

This feature will not only tell the location of your phone, but you can lock the stolen phone completely and destroy the data with just one click.

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