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how to control another mobile?

There are times when such a need comes, you feel that it was a solution that could control the phones of others. But you can not do anything you want. You can not see the distant control of the call till you call it. Although there are some apps that claim that this can be done but they are not particularly effective. Yes, if you have a track my phone app then it can be said that this is possible.
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Track microphone for an Android smartphone is an application through which you can control someone else’s phone. You can not just call but also know where your phone is currently. Although the location of the viewing device is also in Android Device Manager, but this app gives you access to more than this. With this app you can remotely control any device.
For this, first of all, you need to install the track microphone app in your phone. After that you have to create your ID and password in it. You can create an ID from any of your emails. You get the job done by entering the password for it.
Now you can remotely control this device from any PC or phone. For this you have to go to the site and log in there from the account that you put in the phone. Along with this, all the options for controlling the phone will be in front of you.

Now you can give your phone to anyone. How far is the phone away? You can know the location of that device through this app. Not only that, you can call from that phone and you can also send SMS to it.
If you want GPS can be enabled and disabled by this and there will also be an option to flash the flashlight. The company has given much control in the track Mai phone app. But you may be surprised to know that many features do not work in it. Although the company has given the option of up to the camera control, but we tried several times to be unable to take a picture from the camera. Yes, you can vibrate the phone through a remote computer, you can call any number from the phone and send the message. Nothing special except
All these features are already available in Android Device Manager. In this way you do not need to download the app separately. Yes, if the camera works then it is very useful for the protection of children and women.
However, if you also download the Call and SMS Tracker app with Track Mai phone, you can view the complete call and messaging history. The only way to see calls and messaging in other devices is the same. You first need to install the app in the phone and create an ID and password. Through this ID password you can see the full call history via any phone or computer.

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