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How to remove shortcut virus

Sometimes when we insert Pendrive, memory cards into USB ports for data transferring, we are annoyed to see that our files turned into shortcut virus. This is the basic problem for most of the people and it also arises in systems with anti-virus installed.

remove shortcut virus from pendrive with command prompt

When your PC, Pendrive, Memory card is affected by any anonymous malware then  it will change all your files into shortcuts with original files as folders. However, we can remove shortcut virus from our PC, Pendrive, memory cards. In this article, I’ll explain Two best methods to remove shortcut virus from Pen drive.

tips to remove shortcut virus

1. Remove shortcut virus with Command Prompt

Using command prompt is the easiest way to remove shortcut virus from PC, Pendrive and memory cards. Just follow these simple steps To remove shortcut virus using CMD.
1.Open Command Prompt By pressing windows key + R (Start►Run) and type cmd in pop up box and click on ok.
remove shortcut virus
2. Now Go to your Pendrive location and note down its drive letter. Here my Pendrive location is E drive.
3. In command window type del *.lnk  to remove all the link files in the directory.
4. After that type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* command and press Enter.
Note: Command to remove shortcut virus is  attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive_letter:*.*
Don’t forget to change drive_letter with your Pendrive location(Here E drive).

shortcut virus remover
With this, shortcut virus is removed. when you found your files, copy them somewhere on your PC and format your Pendrive. After formatting is done, you can copy files into Pendrive.

2. Remove shortcut virus with USBFIX

USEBFIX is best and easy to use shortcut virus removal tool. To remove shortcut virus using USBFIX just follow these lucid steps.
1. Download USBFIX and install it.
Note: If your computer is not allowing to install this software then disable your antivirus for few minutes.

2. Connect your external storage devices (Pendrive, memory cards) to your PC.

remove shortcut virus with usbfix
3. Now click on deletion option. It will remove all shortcut virus from your plugged devices and it’ll restart your computer.

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