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How to access PC from Android or Iphone

Did you ever wish to access all your photos, videos and other files that are present on your personal computer from your mobile devices? We can access the files on computer from our mobile devices. It helps you when you are not at home and want to access  some important files on your computer .

We can access files on our PC from mobile with the help of a small app POLKAST.Polkast is the easiest way to access all your content from your mobile device.

Polkast is a personal cloud service which helps you to create your own cloud with the app. Polkast connect with all your devices and computer directly and giving you secure access of all your files from any of your devices. You keep control of all your content . There is no storage limits or storage cost and no additional hardware to buy.

Any file that your share from your computer via Polkast can be remotely controlled by your mobile devices. This is how Polkast works. If you want to use Polkast app then you need to Install Polkast server app on your computer and Polkast client App on your devices such as smart phone or tablet. Both server App and Client App of Polkast are available in Polkast website. You can get these apps with free of cost.


→ First Go to Polkast Website and click on the desktop option as shown in the below figure.

→ Then it will navigate you to the Download page. You need to download the desktop version for your computer.

→ Now click on Download option based on your operating system. Here I’m using windows. As soon as the download is complete ,then you can see polkast app active on your computer.
→ Install Polkast server app on your computer and Register an account for your self.

 → After registration is completed it directs you to Polkast Working screen. Click on get started now Option.

→ Next you have to select the files on your computer that you want to access via polkast on your mobile.

→ Polkast adds the selected files and documents to your library.
→ Now you have to download client version of the app. Go to Polkast again and click on Mobile.
→ It will navigate to download page , select your mobile OS. Here I’m doing in IOS.

→ Download it and Open it inthe app store of your mobile.
→ Once you start Polkast on your mobile or tablet , it will ask you to login to your Polkast account.

→ After you are logged ,Polkast will automatically search for your personal cloud and connect to it.

→ Once your phone successfully connect to the computer through polkast , The app dashboard will be displayed on the screen. The dashboard allows you to remotely access, browse, search and also download files from your computer.

→ By following above simple steps  you can watch pictures, listen to music and access files on your
computer from mobile through Polkast app. It doesn’t matter Where you are , you just need an active internet connection. You can also share pictures on social networking sites, edit them and save them back to your personal cloud.

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