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Internet is not running in your phone how to fix it?

Many times it happens that you go to do some important things in the phone and at that time it is revealed that the internet is not working in the phone itself. The network is showing full but there is a problem running the Internet. In such cases, you start off the browser again and again, but this does not help you. At that time, you keep the network operator or you cursing your handset. But let me tell you that if this problem is happening sometime then it is okay but it is happening again and again, then understand that now there is a need to do otherwise otherwise the problem will increase. So let’s say how you can solve it if there is a problem with the internet.(android tips and tricks 2017)

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Despite the repeated attempts, if your phone is not running in the Internet, then first go to the wireless settings and go to the wireless end network. From there, first check whether mobile data is available or not. If you have an AAP then you will start running like this. If it is an AA, then it will cover it. After a few seconds off, enamel it. This will solve the tips


Check data type. Some people leave their phones only by 3G or 4G. In such a situation, the internet stops running as soon as there is a problem in 3G or 4G networks. In this way, keep your phone always at Auto 2G, 3G or 4G. This will solve the tricks

Solution 3

Many times we leave WiFi Aan and the internet stops when there is a problem with WiFi. At the same time cellular data also does not work. If something similar happens to you, then first get the WiFi data off. Now once you have access to mobile data, internet will be in the phone.10 Work Your Android Phone Can Do But You Do not Know

Your stolen phone can know location and IMEI number.

Solution 4

Even though the Internet is troubling even after the solution given above, first go to the phone’s settings. Check the data connection there or not. Along with this, also add data on roaming. Sometimes this also causes problems in the network. With this, your phone’s Internet will start running.

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Solution 5

The reason for not running the internet can sometimes be a problem in Internet settings. If you have done all the above mentioned solutions, then go to the phone’s settings. From there, select the mobile network and then access the access point name. Here you will find the reset default option. You have to reset the APN to reset. This will turn the Internet into the phone.

Solution 6

If you have made changes to the settings above and still have trouble, then restart the phone once. This will solve the problem.

Solution 7

After trying all the ways even if there is a problem in the internet, you can reset the factory data of your phone once. This will solve all the problems. Yes, remember that phone data backup must be done before factory data tricks


This problem is more with the old SIM. If your SIM is outdated then go to the store and change it. Because the old SIM is based on old technology while the new SIM is based on new standards and it will work better with new network technology. Many new functionality have been added to the new SIM. At the same time he is even more safer than before. This can solve the problem of the Internet.


If you have left SIM in your phone for a long time, then once you remove the SIM from the phone and clean it well with petrol or toothpaste and put it in the phone. Many times the black spot in the SIM creates problems. This can also solve the problem of the Internet.

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