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10 Strong Features That Are Required For Every Android Consumer

Today most people are using Android smartphones. Easy-to-use Android phones are equipped with many special features. However, most people find some of the few features they can use. In addition to calling and messaging, cameras, internet and games etc. But you know that there are many such features that not only make the use of phones superb, but it is also useful in terms of security. Next we have given information about 10 great features of the Android operating system, which is very important to know.


1. Android Device Manager: It will help when the phone is stolen

It is important for every consumer to know this feature of Android smartphones. If your phone is lost, then with the help of it you can find out some extent. Not only this, you can delete the data of the stolen phone and send messages to it, you can ring it. To enlarge this feature1. You have to go to Ting from the phone.2. Here is the choice of security.3. It will see the option of Device Administrator.4. From here, Android Device Manager can be uninstalled.

Learn how to break pattern and password in android phone

2. Restrict background data: Data consumption will decrease

If you are feeling that the data in the phone is running fast, then this feature is very helpful for you. Un-importing it will stop the usage of data during the screen off. When you phone the phone, the data will be consumed. Regarding background background data1. You have to go to Ting from the phone.2. Here is the choice of data.3. In the setting itself, the option of restructured backgroup data will be given to them.data-2

3. Manual app update: update app from own

Often you will have to be updated with the app available in the phone itself and your entire data goes away. In this case, you can remove the app from Auto Update. You can choose Do Not Auto-Update, Auto-Update Anonym, and Auto-Update Over WiFi. In the phone this option will be found in the settings of Google Play Store.How to read WhatsApp without knowing the other

4. Notification History: View Older Notification

There are many notifications every day in the phone. Those you see and forget But if you have to see an old no-txtation then it becomes a problem. Although that’s the way you probably do not know. For this

1. You have to touch the fingers till the screen is long. With this, there will be a few options below.2. Here you have to choose widgets.3. After the widgets arrive, swipe the screen to the left. After some screen, the option of setting will appear. Touch it for a while and touch it.4. Its shortcut will come to the home screen.5. Now touch it again, select the option of notification log here.6. Touching the notification log, its shortcut will come to the icon home screen. With this you can see the notification history.


5. Auto Data Backup: Data will be safe

Android phone is now able to back up your app data. For this you have to keep the data backup in the phone. To enlarge this feature

1. Go to the phone’s settings. Here, backup and reset will show up here.2. Here the option of data backup will be given.

Keep in mind that in the phone your default Gmail account is set. That is, the backup service you want to take with Gmail is in the main list.

6. Auto Backup and Google Drive: Data was anywhere

You can also back up your phone data on Google Drive. This will allow you to access your phone data from any other device, and you can integrate it with Google Drive only when you set up a new phone. For this1. Open the Google Drive app in the phone. Keep in mind that you are logged in with the default Google Account.2. Then go to Google Drive’s App menu.3. Click the setting on the left side will see the option.4. In the setting, you will get the option of backing up and reset it. Simultaneously, the data of the phone’s app will have an auto backup on Google Drive.smartphone-3

7. Trusted Place: Lock and unlock the phone itself

If you are at home then you do not want to unlock frequently during the use of the phone. In this way you can set the option of Trusted Place in your phone. In this place where you will set up Trusted Place, your phone will be unlocked as soon as it comes in and lock the phone as soon as you get out of there. To enable this service in your Android phone1. First, you go to Settings and choose Security.2. Smarterlock will get the option to secure it.3. After this you will see the option of trusted place.4. The map will be enabled as you touch it and on the map you have to choose your trusted place.5. Once you enable it, your trusted place will be selected. 
As soon as you come into this area, PIN-password will be automatically disabled in your phone. At the same time, the Enables, coming out of the field.

8. Magnification gesture: Do everything to zoom

In this you can zoom in to anything. Even menus and settings are also available. This feature is beneficial for those whose eyesight is a little weak. This feature can be enabled from within the AxSubility by going to Settings. Here you have to alter the Magnification Gesture option. After being able to zoom anything, just tap on the screen three times. Touch it three times there

9. Mock location: Fake location.

If you do not want the unknown app to see your actual location, then there is also a solution in Android smartphone. You can use your Fake location. In Android phone, this service is available from Mok Location Name. However, you will need to add developers’ option to add this service. Developers to add options

1. Go to the phone’s settings and choose About.2. Here you will see a built number, click on it until the message of developers’ messages is received.3. After this, the developers will get the option out in the setting.4. After the few scrolls in Developers’ Options, the option of Mok Location will be shown below.

After this nobody can trace your actual location.

10. Guest mode: Data from others will be safe.

For privacy and security, the guest mode feature can be very special in Android phones. This feature is extremely beneficial when you are giving your phone to someone, but do not want to see your social networking, browsing history, messages and contacts. In such a way, you give the guesttom another and give it to another. You will find it only in the quick settings of the phone.

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