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how to Unlock pattern and password in android phone

To make Droid phone safe, it offers a variety of features. You can lock the phone with a PIN, pattern or password so that no one else can use it without your permission. This is the reason why today the new smartphone has a fingerprint sensor. But the phones in which there are no fingerprint sensors are sometimes used to forget that you set the pattern and password. In such a way, you can not open the phone without password.


To unlock the phone, you take it to the service center where your time and money are both a waste. But if you try a bit then you can save both your money and time. Within a few minutes you can break the pattern and password of your phone. Not only this, if the phone is locked with a fingerprint scanner, it can be broken. Next we have explained this method.

Purane for Android smartphone

If your phone is running the old Android apparatus system, then the method will be slightly different. The Android operating system is 4.4 KitKat or less then the first

1. Enter the wrong password in your Android smartphone five times in a row.

2. After this you will see the option of the forgot password on the screen, click it.

3. After clicking on the Forgot Password, a PIN will be sent to your Gmail account which you have integrated with the phone. You have to put that pin in your phone and then login to your Gmail account in the phone. With this your phone will unlock.


For the new Android smartphone

If your Android smartphone is a new version of Android 5.0 Lollipop or above, then hard reset is the only option if you forget the pattern and password. Android smartphones first to hardridge

1. Refresh your phone.

2. Then press the Power and Volume Up button together. You have to hold both the buttons for a while. (Volume down button works with a power button in some phones.)

3. With this you will go into phone recovery mode. The touch screen here will not work You have to work with the help of the volume and power buttons.

4. Clicking the Volume Down button, you have to select the Erase or Wipe and OK with the Power button. It will start with boot. With the restart, your phone’s pattern and password will disappear. This trick will also work in the earlier versions of Android smartphones.

Significantly, hardbooting the phone will completely destroy the data. In this case, you can withdraw some memory card and SIM, some data can be saved. The process is adopted by the service center to break the pattern and password and they do not even take the guarantee of the data.

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