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6 best sports apps for 2018

Sports is life. A true sports fan cannot live without following the sport and team they love. However being occupied all the time in a fast paced world is also a reality. We don’t often get the time to sit and watch games of our beloved teams.  But why does one have to fear if you live in an age of smartphones? So more being stuck at the office unable to follow scores. You can take control of your life and start enjoying sports updated anywhere and everywhere.

This desperation for a sports fan is real. And we are here to do something about it. Here are five six (thanks for Michael Hass from No Hassle Mobiles for suggesting theScore) excellent apps to follow sports news and scores around the globe.


ESPN (AndroidiOS) is sort of the obvious choice to start. One of the world’s biggest sporting network’s app is sleek and updated every second. The app contains both scoring information, updated reviews and breaking news from around the globe.
It doesn’t matter which country you are from or which sports you like, ESPN has it all. Moreover, it gives you an option to create an account and send you tailor made feed of happenings you might be interested in.

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WatchESPN (AndroidiOS) is a variant to ESPN. If you subscribe to ESPN’s primary app it gives you access to a new app WatchESPN that focuses on live streaming and broadcasts. I included this app because let’s face it, if you are a true sports fan a scoreboard doesn’t really cut it. The best way to enjoy the action is to really watch it unfold. And WatchESPN will do that for you for a minimal monthly subscription.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports (AndroidiOS) is a detailed app that offers personalized and customized updates from the sporting world. The best thing about CBS Sports is that it also offers live streaming for a limited number of sports. The app is more focused on American sports such as baseball and basketball.


theScore (AndroidiOS) excels in giving live and up to date information about various events around the globe. theScore’s main plus point is the detailed charts, graphs and reports it provides. If you subscribe you get real time notifications about scoreboards and stats that you can share on your social media profiles.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports (AndroidiOS) app is a repackaged version of the famous app formerly known as Sportacular. The app provides the user with latest, news, scores and statistics. The selling points in Yahoo Sports are the detailed oriented players, teams and games stats.
Also, you can watch live stream for NFL games.

Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report (AndroidiOS) is probably the most unique app in our article’s spectrum. Bleacher report will not give you the traditional news and updates. Alternatively to that, it will provide you a customized experience of your favorite franchise only.
When you make an account the app asks you to list down your favorite teams. After picking the allowed quota you are provided with scores, videos, stories, latest news, breaking news and images from the tams you chose. It provides for a very personalized experience while keeping away the news you are not interested in.

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