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5 apps to download if you want to stay in touch with latest news

These days it is very hard to find the time to watch tele and follow latest news. I know people who read newspapers but their number is also receding, in fact a recent survey from phoneswithfreegifts.com revealed that 75% of people in the UK are dependent on their smartphones for receiving news updates. The thing is we are so caught up in the busy life and in our smart phones that we rarely disconnect from it. We expect everything to be on our smartphones.

It is very convenient and a bit sad that all the conventional methods of reading news and staying up to date with current affairs is receding. However, this situation provides us with a unique opportunity to get news and updates on our smartphones.
Here are five amazing apps that we recommend you download if you want to stay in touch with the news and current affairs.


Flipboard’s best feature is its magazine styled look that keeps you flicking and flipping more and more news. The system is very cleverly designed. It allows you to read many articles and stories, very quickly and with great ease. The app has all kinds of news but is mainly focused on tech.
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Google News

This one is sort of a given. Google News might be the largest news source in the app industry all the moment. They publish all sorts of news from all around the globe. You will be able to find your favorite sites and publications in the areas of interest.
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Microsoft News

Most people still know Microsoft News as MSN News. MSN News was never a very famous news platform. It was slow and admittedly lacking the newness to stay in the competition. But Microsoft News is light, quick and breezy.
You can saw switch to complete local news within the app. It geo-locates your smartphone and bring you the stories that are happening near you. Otherwise the app brings you news and reviews from all around the world. And unlike some modern day news apps, the focus of Microsoft News is on economics, politics and current affairs, not so much on the tech that its competitors seem to care a lot about.
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AP Mobile

We cannot imagine that one of the biggest if not the biggest news agency in the world Associated Press or commonly known as AP will not have a sleek mobile app. AP covers news around the globe – quite literally, they have a presence in virtually every country.
The best thing about the AP mobile app is its straightforwardness. The app is not glamorous or very modern-looking. AP mobile app is clean and functional. It is ideal for people that are only interested in news and not the animations and rotating features.
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Appy Geek

I am going to disregard news apps like BBC and CNN because well you know… They are partial and working on agendas so I have tried to include neutral news source only.
Moving on, Appy Geek is a news app that focuses entirely on tech news niche. If you are a geek and love technology (which you probably do) then download this app. It has news, updates, reviews, release dates even gossips in the tech world.
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