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How to Rescue iPhone Water Damaged

How to Rescue iPhone Water Damaged

If you are reading this article then it looks like you have dropped your iPhone in water while taking a bath, swimming at beach or in the toilet and now you are looking for a way to rescue iPhone 5 water damage. It is a sad fact that water damage is the most common reason which results in a dead iPhone. It also voids your iPhone warranty so you can’t get compensation or free repair from Apple service center. The water causes short-circuit in internal memory chips of your phone which results in data loss. So, dropping your phone in the water means you have ruined your iPhone and the data inside it. But in this article we will share out all your query and give your proper answers so no need to get worried about it we will provide you iPhone 5 water damage repair tips as well.

Fortunately there are few ways which can help you to rescue a water logged iPhone. In this article I will try to cover each of the possible way to rescue a wet iPhone in detail. However, not any of these strategies can guarantee you anything. So let’s start with these strategies.

iPhone 5 water damage repair

First Step – iPhone Water Damage

After getting your iPhone dropped into the water the first thing you might need to do is to pull it out immediately from water, and then turn it off or if your phone is already switch off then don’t even think about switching it on. Removing sim from your iPhone is also a favorable step. If you are an iPhone pro then you can also try to remove its battery but do it only if you really know how to do it. Removing iPhone battery involves unscrewing your iPhone and it must be done by professional hands. Unscrewing your iPhone can also void the official warranty so do it only if you are willing to compromise on it.
After unscrewing your iPhone back and removing the battery, now shake your phone up and down so the internal water can come out quickly. You can use a towel or a soft piece of cloth to dry water from visible places of your phone. In order to dry water from narrow corners and ports you can try a toothpick to reach cloth piece there. Try to dry external and visible components of your phone as much as possible.

Hair Dryer or Air Blower


A hair dryer is one of the most commonly used electronics which you can found easily at your home. Using hair dryer or air blower is a very efficient trick to dry out any electronic device including your phone. To use a hair dryer, place your water logged phone on a table and start blowing warm air from its back side. It’s better if you can unscrew the iPhone back so that the warm air can reach its internal components easily. Also try to blow air in its ports. Using hair dryer on an electronic device continuously for a long time can overheat its internal circuits which can also ruin it so be careful while using it. Try to blow air in your iPhone in short time intervals. It is also better to use it from safe distance of 2 to 3 feet so that your phone cannot get overheated. Using hair dryer is enough to dry waterlogged iPhone and it doesn’t even require any further steps. However, if you are too conscious about your device and don’t want such a harsh treatment to dry out your iPhone then here are few gentle ways to do it.

Use Rice

Uncooked rice is one of the best natural humidity absorber which you can use to dry out your iPhone without heating it up. Rice can absorb any humidity inside your iPhone and can dry it however this process takes time. To use rice as a humidity absorber, put your iPhone in a big bowl and fill out the bowl with uncooked rice. Try to cover your whole iPhone with rice and keep the bowl at some airy place.


Leave your iPhone there for at least 48 hours before you check it again. Using rice for your iPhone can cause dust however it is a good strategy to absorb humidity from internal parts of the device. It’s recommended to cover your device ports so the rice grains or dust can’t get into your phone from the ports. Using this technique is highly effective and less risky to rescue waterlogged devices as it doesn’t involve heating however it requires 1 or 2 days to make your phone dry completely.

Silica Gel

Silica Gel packets are another artificial humidity absorber. These packets come with packing of new electronic devices, medicines or leather products. Companies keep these small packets in their products to keep them dry in highly humid environment. Silica gel packets are far better humid absorber than rice and if they are easily available at your home then you must use these instead of rice technique. Using silica gel packets also save your phone from dust.


To use silica gel to rescue your iPhone you will need an air tight plastic bag. Put your iPhone in the bag with 2 or 3 silica gel packets and airtight it. After that, leave the bag at some dry and airy place for 48 hours at least before you switch your phone again.

EVAP Pouch

EVAP rescue pouch is a very useful product to deal with wet electronic devices. You can buy this product on the internet and in mobile accessories stores easily for 7 to 9 dollars. This pouch is specifically made to rescue wet electronic devices. EVAP pouch also uses silica gel technique to absorb humidity however the extra feature it offers is humidity indicator which shows the humidity level inside the pouch. This indicator helps to see if your iPhone is dry out completely or not.

A Myth

On the internet there is myth that you can make your iPhone water proof by switching its operating system to IOs7 and many of people tried to do it. Actually it’s totally wrong because there is no such thing being offered by IOs7. Many iPhone users ruined their devices by switching its operating system to IOs, so don’t even try to do it.

Avoid Future Disasters

I hope that any of the upper mentioned strategies would help to rescue your iPhone. So now it’s time to take steps to save such mishaps in future. To do so there are several gadgets and accessories you can use to make your iPhone water resist. For example you can use a water proof case to cover your iPhone or use a wrist stripe with your phone so it can’t fall. You can also upgrade your older version of iPhone to IPhone 7 or 7 plus, to have a waterproof phone usage experience because these latest models of iPhones are completely water proof, and can bear 1 meter deep water for up to thirty minutes.

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