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14 Best And New Gadgets 2019 – You Must Buy

New Gadgets 2019: The recent generations have seen lots and lots of changes and advancements in the production of the gadgets that we use. Some of the most advanced gadgets that are cool, catchy and really in the trend have been given below in this article. But have you ever wondered how far we could go with the technology? Well, that’s something very unpredictable. For the starters, there are these really cool gadgets that nobody saw coming their way:

Best And New Gadgets 2019

  1. Arlo Ultra Wireless Security Camera

 Arlo Ultra Wireless Security Camera | New Gadgets 2019

The wireless camera is the rescue for many authorities who have always wanted to move away from the wires of the cameras and the problems associated with the same. The wireless security camera is a kit type that is available on all the online platforms and is easily made installable. This also has features that enable cancelling noise and have enhanced night vision!

  1. Philips Hue Light Bar

Philips Hue Light Bar

Gone are the days when you needed to walk to the switchboard to switch on the light. You can now activate the lights of your room with the help of this lightbar that is voice operated! You can feed in the voice and just call out to the lightbar for it to get activated. This also gives almost no installation issues. It is something that can be easily installed at almost every place one can think of!

  1. Ember Temperature Controlled Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Controlled Ceramic Mug

Mugs are meant to be the dishes that should be controlling the temperature of the content within. How about getting a mug made of ceramic that has a temperature controller within? Well, you heard that right. Here’s the ceramic mug by Ember that has temperature controller within and also comes in different aesthetics. This also has LED bulbs within that can be customized as per your choice of color.

  1. Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo is that one brand that has always managed to bring out cool and awesome gadgets for its customers. Well if you are wondering what this gadget is all about, it is the hand warmer that will help the ones living in extremely cold areas to get themselves a little warmer than just rubbing their hands together. This also has easy fill technology that enables people to refill the hand warmer when and how needed?

  1. Anker Portable Battery

Anker Portable Battery

This one is for people who always miss out on charging equipment when on a trip or the same. But have you ever wondered what exactly these battery storage devices do? They simply get charged up when not in use and then use the energy to charge up the equipment. This is the same done by the Anker battery storage as well. It converts AD/DC power source.

  1. The Tile

The Tile

Are you absent minded or tend to forget things on the go? Well, then this one is for you. The tile combo pack of 2 will help you track down the things that you lose. One would be with the item, if you attach it that way and the other tile would be with you. All you got to do is use the app to locate and get back at the things that you choose to have the tile attached to!

  1. The Retro TV Bluetooth Speaker

The Retro TV Bluetooth Speaker

If you are someone who loves retro vibes everywhere you go, then you definitely would love this one piece! This one has retro vibes on the screen and amazing voice quality as well! The retro lights on the screen change and shift like that of the disco lights, giving feels on the go! When you ask about the new gadgets 2019, this one still rules the list for music lovers!

  1. The Sleep Buds By Bose

The Sleep Buds By Bose

Bose is the firm that always comes up with the best possible technology! But have you ever thought of how far the companies take the technology to? Well, here’s a rough draft of the same. The Bose sleep buds are noise masking ones that will let you sleep anywhere and everywhere. These buds block all of the noise, completely while you are in your sleep.

  1. Amazon Voice Controlled Smart Plug

Amazon Voice Controlled Smart Plug

Now, these are the proofs of how exactly technology can take over everything and anything in the current generation. These smart plugs are the newest development in the technology that allows the user to voice control the plugs. You can switch off and on any equipment in the room, with just your voice. All you got to do is to feed your voice beforehand and get going with the commands.

  1. New Lumee Duo Light Up Phone Case

New Lumee Duo Light Up Phone Case

For the selfie addicts out there, here’s one thing you would love for yourself or would want to gift to your better half! How about a case that is a lighting set up for those perfect photographs you see on the Instagram these days? Well, you are not the only one wanting for those perfect pictures. This phone case has the lighting setup and the back that enables people to get perfect lighting for pictures. This has to be the new addition to the new gadgets 2019.

  1. Oculus Go Virtual Reality Setup

Oculus Go Virtual Reality

The VR setup or the headgear will allow you to get the experience of the VR world at an affordable price. Oculus go is that one company that has always earned trust with people and customers regarding the quality in the technological fields. This is now the best selling item on Amazon and every online platform.

  1. Fire Stick With Alexa Voice Control

Fire Stick With Alexa Voice Control

Because streaming movies online are everywhere they’ll want to be. With over 7,000 applications, activities, and the abilities show that they’ll be able to flow all their preferred reveals from Amazon, Blockbuster online, Hulu, HBO Go, Youtube, ESPN, ABC and more.  Plus, thanks to speech identification they’ll be able to say factors like, “Alexa, Play a song” and, think what, it’ll perform.

  1. The New Echo Dot

The New Echo Dot

This is the latest echo Dot that was just lately declared out in the market and, well, everyone adores it. It is 3rd creation, comes in three different really elegant materials outside like greyish, grilling, and sandstone.  Plus, it has much better audio now around, can clearly listen to you from across the space even when songs are being played or the TV is on, and more!

  1. Kef LSX


In the world of costly but awesome sound systems, it requires a lot to face out from the hi-fi audience. So cheers to Kef and its new LSX for massive over its Wi-Fi competitors in impressive style. Developing on the achievements of the powerful LS50 sound system, this radio stations system coupling has been intended for both vinyl-adoring audiophiles and people who want to pay attention to songs the contemporary way.

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