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Top 30 Tools That Every Programmer Should Have

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This is list of few essential tools from my coding workflow. I think these tools should be part of every programmer’s toolkit. Whether you are writing simple “Hello World” program or a complex web application, these tools make your coding easier and increase productivity. programmer – API documentation for all popular programming languages and framework. It also includes instant search and works offline too.

2. – you can create your own web apps in the browser. import GitHub repos, use any NPM package or build on any popular frameworks and directly deploy to firebase.

3. – you can quickly find the import cost of any package in the NPM registry.

4. – write code in modern JavaScript and BebelJS will transform your code into JavaScript that is compatible with older browsers.

5. – you can quickly build frontend responsive layouts with frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS and SemanticUI.

6. – it is a command-line tool that is very useful for making HTTP requests to web servers and RESTful APIs. It is as powerful as CURL and Wget but simpler.

7. – a vey good tool for testing your regular expressions in the browser.

8. – write any regular expression into the editor and you will get a visual representation of how the pieces work.

9. – with this tool you can construct regular expressions visually.

10. – Type any Unix command get a visual explanation of each flag and argument in the command.

11. – Unix man pages are long and complex. This site offers you practical examples for all popular Unix command without you having to dive into the man pages.

12. – it quickly generate dummy test data in the browser in CSV, JSON, SQL and other formats.

13. – it serve any GitHub file or WordPress plugin through a CDN. It Combine multiple files in a single URL. You can add “min” to any JS or CSS file to get a minified version.

14. – you can create beautiful screenshots of your source code.
15. – know exactly how long you spend coding with detailed metrics per file and even language.

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16. – paste JavaScript code into editor and generate the abstract Syntax Tree that will help you understand how the JavaScript Parser works.

17. – it is alternative to the command line terminal and also iTerm. Use with the “Oh my Zsh” shell and it will add superpower to your terminal.

18. – you can make your own CURL requests in the browser.

19. – easily test the direct and rewrite rules in the .htaccesss file of your Apache server.

20. – it monitors error in your JavaScript based web projects and get instant email notifications when a new error is detected.

21. – start a local server, fire up ngrok and ppoint to the port where the locahost is running and get public URL of your tunnel.

22. – it is an online code editor for pair programming or you can use it for teaching code to students remotely.

23. – it inspect the payloads and debug HTTP webhooks in the browser. All HTTP reuests are logged in real-time.

24. – easiest way to deploy web pages and other static content from the command line. It supports custom domain and SSL.

25. Visbug – you must have this add-on for web development that brings useful web design tool right in your browser.

26. – the puppeteer is a Node.js framework for automating Google Chrome. Use sandbox to quickly test all your scripts in the browser.

27. – you can beautify your JavaScript and TypeScript code using this tool.

28. – this is the only JSON parser you will ever need to analyse and beautify your complex JSON strings.

29. – it is a training platform for software developers where anyone can create their own dedicated and interactive training environment.

30. – it is a full-featured online IDE where you can create web apps in all languages including vanilla JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Angular and ue.

31. – you can write your own web scraper using JavaScript and schedule your scrapers to run at specific time intervals automatically.

32. – it is a desktop based REST client that lets you create HTTP requests and view response details all in easy to use interface.

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