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10 best Android Apps of 2019

Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone with these 10 best Android apps

With so many Android apps available in the market, it is certainly a confusing thing to pick the best ones among them. In order to help you in settling this daunting task, we are here with the best Android apps of 2018. Our experts did navigate through the dense forest of the Google Play Store in the interest of our users. Thus, we could finally get the bucket ready with the most remanding apps of the year!

Right from the genre of entertainment to social media, food delivery, weather and travel to that of fitness apps, we have sorted out the list of apps. In case you find any of these useful and appealing to you, download it!

1. Waze

10 best Android Apps of 2018

Just like me, I guess that you too, also prefer to see Google Apps for your basic navigation. However, if you are heading towards a crowded city on a road trip, get this app on. It will help you locate the closures and traffic jams so that you can decide the alternative routes. Hence, from the next time you are out for a trip, get this app on your smartphone.

2. Mint

10 best Android Apps of 2018

If you want to keep a track of all your expenses and savings, Mint would be the ideal deal for you. This app connects to your credit card accounts, savings, and deposits, and thus provides you with a clear idea of your monthly or yearly financial status. So, you do not need to add your incomes and expenses manually anymore; instead, this will do all of it for you. Besides, it also sets goals for your transactions as well as reminds you of your income management ideologies.

3. 1Weather

10 best Android Apps of 2018

No doubt, among all the weather apps you see, this is the best one with the most appealing user interface. It helps you get an update about the predictable weather status up to 12 weeks, radar and other notifications like the approaching thunderstorms and more such details other than just the basic ones as the temperature and humidity. If you do not want the ads coming along, you can subscribe for $1.99, though it won’t yield you anything extra. So, the next time you travel, make sure you have it on your smartphone!

4. Avast

10 best Android Apps of 2018

With so many choices for antivirus protection, nowadays, it is truly a difficult thing for us to pick one. Well, Avast has been my long-time favorite. It is wonderful when its functionality is raised for call blocking and malware protection. Its efficiency is also appreciated when you lose your device, for it can remotely wipe your smartphone.

5. Google Authenticator

10 best Android Apps of 2018

Though Avast works good, if you are still in a security crisis, this shall work the best for you. Definitely, two-factor authentication can save you from cyber threats. It is an awesome defense that not only asks you for a unique password but also sends a code to your phone. This app works quite similarly and generates codes for the users to use on third-party apps. That way, you will have the security of not losing highly sensitive data from your device.

6. MyFitnessPal

10 best Android Apps of 2018

We have a lot of fitness apps around us, one such is MyFitnessPal! However, I count it to be at the top of the list. It counts your calorie intake and tracks your nutrients intake as well as notes the amount of water you drink in a day. The main motto of this app is to assist you in living a healthy life!

7. theScore

10 best Android Apps of 2018

Now, Android phones come with a prospect where you can watch your favorite sports. No matter if you are not at home. Now, you do not even need to fight with your sibling or spouse for the TV remote, since the smartphone brings it all. If you are a Sports lover, this one is for you! Following your favorite team is now easier with the sports app. It funnels all the information of every sport, be it baseball, football, hockey, basketball, Formula 1, golf, lacrosse, tennis or any other. Also, if you are a die-hard fan of video games, this app also gives you a special segment of eSports as well.

8. LastPass

10 best Android Apps of 2018

Well, being into online working, I am literally just blind without this app since I am supposed to remember a hell lot of passwords. Since I came across this app, things got easier for me. It stores all my passwords within its available slot of 1 GB of encrypted storage. Besides, it keeps me auto-logged in all my services. All you would need is to pay it a small token of $24 in a year, which definitely isn’t a big deal when it does so much for you!

9. Tasker

10 best Android Apps of 2018

Are you looking forward to make your smartphone smarter? Well, this app is for you then. With Tasker, you can create automated tasks, and your smartphone will adapt itself in a way that you won’t be bothered unnecessarily. This is an outstanding app that settles your tasks at ease as well as helps you to coordinate and manage your work without any complexity. Just switch on the geo-fencing, and the app will automatically switch your Android device to the Airplane mode. Trust me, I personally use this app, and it is just awesome!

10. Pocket Casts

10 best Android Apps of 2018

This is a superb app that lets you download and stream podcasts for your much-needed doze of entertainment. It comes with a sign-in feature, sync option and a decent recommendation feature. I certainly love using it!

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