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KineMaster For PC – Run KineMaster on Windows & Mac (2020)

KineMaster For PC - Run KineMaster on Windows & Mac (2020)
KineMaster For PC – Run KineMaster on Windows & Mac (2020)

Over the past few years, YouTube has grown up to become a more capable platform. YouTube is right now used by millions of users to showcase their talents to the world. Now that more and more people are joining YouTube, it had increased the demand for video editing tools.

If you are into video editing stuff, then you might know the importance of a proper video editing tool. Actually, there’s no shortage of video editing tools on Windows 10, but most of them were complicated to use.

This is the only reason why users look for ways to run mobile video editing apps on Windows PC. Compared to desktop video editing software, mobile video editing apps were simple and easy to use. Recently, we have received multiple messages from our users asking about how to run the popular KineMaster Android app on Windows 10 computers.

What is KineMaster?

What is KineMaster?
What is KineMaster?

Well, KineMaster is an advanced video editing app available for Android smartphones. The app is pretty easy-to-use and offers lots of powerful video editing features.

The app lets you add and combine multiple layers of videos, images, stickers, special effects, texts, etc. Also, it enables you to blend multiple video modes to create unique effects.

Some other features of KineMaster include speed control, volume envelope tools, trim/cut/merge video & audio, add voiceovers, etc.

Once edited, you can even share the videos on popular video sharing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. right from the app itself.

Features of KineMaster:

Features of KineMaster for PC
Features of KineMaster for PC

Below, we have shared some of the key features of the KineMaster Mobile app. You will be able to enjoy all these features on your Windows PC as well.

  • KineMaster lets you combine multiple layers of videos, images, etc.
  • It offers advanced color adjustment tools to enhance videos and images.
  • You can also add multiple blending modes to create beautiful effects.
  • You can access hundreds of music, graphics, fonts, stickers, etc. from KineMaster Asset Store.
  • Users can also create time-lapse and slow-motion videos with KineMaster.
  • It supports 4K 2160p video export at 60FPS.
  • The app can also be used to merge, trim, split video & audio clips.

How to Download & Install KineMaster on PC in 2020

Download & Install KineMaster on PC
Download & Install KineMaster on PC

As of now, KineMaster is only available for Android and iOS devices. So, if you want to run the mobile app on PC, then you need to use Android & iOS Emulator apps. Below, we have shared a detailed guide on how to install KineMaster on PC in 2020.

KineMaster for Windows PC:

To install KineMaster on Windows 10 computer, you need to use an emulator known as BlueStacks. For those who don’t know, BlueStack is one of the best and popular Android emulator available for both Windows and Mac computers. We will use BlueStack to emulate KineMaster mobile app on PC.

KineMaster for Windows PC
KineMaster for Windows PC
  • Download & Install BlueStacks from here on your Windows 10.
  • Open the emulator and click on the ‘App Center’
  • Search for ‘KineMaster’ on the App center and download it.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and grant the permissions.
  • Wait for few seconds until the app loads on your device.

That’s it! You are done. This is how you can download & install Kinemaster on Windows 10 PC

KineMaster for Mac:

Just like Windows PC, you can use BlueStacks on MacOS to run KineMaster. For that, you need to use the Mac version of the BlueStack emulator. Here’s how to download & install KineMaster on MAC in 2020.

KineMaster for Mac
KineMaster for Mac
  • Download & install the BlueStack emulator for Mac from this link.
  • Once installed, open the emulator and click on the Play Store icon.
  • On the Play Store, search for ‘KineMaster’
  • Open the KineMaster app page and click on the ‘Install’ button.

That’s it! You are done. Once installed, you will be able to use KineMaster on MacOS in 2020.

So, this article is all about how to download & install KineMaster on PC. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.

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