Google will not read your E-Mail in Gmail, 13 years after Change policy

There is a great news for those who use Gmail. Google has officially declared the world’s largest search engine that it will no longer read users’ Gmail for advertising. 
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To show ads to consumers by Google, their Gmail was quite controversial. This decision came from the cloud team instead of Google’s advertising team. The Google Clutting Team is trying to increase the number of its corporate clients. Google’s mother company sells Google Cloud Office Software (G-Suite) of AlphaBet Inc. Google Cloud has taken this decision to bring its product in line with another product in the market. In terms of office software, Google’s biggest rival is Microsoft.

Gmail’s paid service was not already scanned by consumer email for advertisements, but for those who used Gmail for free, the situation was unclear. Google’s Senior Vice President Diana Green said, “We are going to clarify the situation in this matter.” Google has clarified that ads will continue to appear in the free version of Gmail, but no longer scanned the user’s email to select the ads. Will go Google will now choose ads to show these consumers on the basis of their search history on Google and YouTube.
The policy of showing ads by scanning the email of Google users has been increasingly criticized but this feature is very much appreciated to show accurate advertisements to Google’s advertisers. Green has played an important role in Google’s decision. Ads are the biggest source of Google’s earning, despite this they took a strong decision. It is believed that in 2015, Google connected to Google has invested heavily in its cloud computing and software tools to compete with Microsoft and