How To Make Own GIF Video On Whatsapp Chat? Easy Steps

On daily social media you will find such fun and funny jiffy files that you forward to your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp. If you want to send a gif file during chatting on WhatsApp, you have to search them but you probably do not know that you can make your own live video on WhatsApp.
Yes, of course this fantastic feature has been hidden from the eyes till now, but the WhatsApp has been given the option to make self-targets for the users and send them to their friends and groups. Let us tell you how to share your friends with Whatsapp on Whatsapp and share your friends with them. Just tell us to follow Steps and enjoy with your friends:

1. First of all, record a fun video from your phone that you want to send to your friends as a jiff.

2. Open Whatsapp on the group or chat box that you are going to send to the live.

3. Select the gallery by visiting the Attachments icon of WhatsApp.

4. Select the recorded video from the open options in the gallery.

5. After the selection, the video will be sent to send messages containing new sticker, writing some text and video tweaks. On this screen, there will also be video and gif options.

6. If you have not seen any video and ginger effect in your Whatsapp interface yet, then shorten the video to make it shorter. As soon as the size of the video will be 00:06 seconds, the jiffs will automatically come to the salmon.

7. Now just select the part of the video as per your choice, which you want to convert to gif and send a cool or romantic message to your friends in captions.

So you see, this cool feature of Whatsapp is so easy and fun. Yes, after sending your tongue, your friends started asking people how to do it. Then you can also harass them by eating a lot of prices.