how to share 3D photos in Facebook

If you are running the Internet then you will also have a Facebook account. See others’ posts everyday and give their feedback on it. Not only this, when you post a post on your wall, you also want more and more links and comments. Although people used to put anything on their Facebook before, but have become much more creative now. Looking at this creativity, Facebook has introduced the option of 3D photo. Where you can post your photos with 3D effects and it is also quite impressed. If you also want to post a 3D post on your Facebook, then we have explained the method.
How To Make 3D Photo Upload
First of all, let me tell you that currently 3D photo-option is in the mobile app. If you want to use it from the desktop then you will not get it. In such a way to share 3D photos on Facebook with your phone first.
1. You need to apply the Facebook 360 page by opening the Facebook app in your phone. This page will come if you search by searching the Facebook 360 in the search bar mentioned above. Like him and close the app. With this, your phone will come with Facebook 3D animation.
2. Now take a photo from your camera’s camera. Keep in mind that this photo is in portrait mode. That is, the Bokay effect, which you also call Blur Background, should be with.
3. After that go to the Facebook app and post it.
4. In the same line, where photos, videos, tags, gif etc. come in the options, you will get the option of 3D photo in the same line. IPhone users will get 5 great features, such as phone updates.
5. You have to click it and insert that photo with portrait mode and share the photo. With this, your 3D photo will be posted. 
Which looks far better than ordinary posts.
Your 3D photo will be immediately visible from the smartphone, desktop and aqueous vr. When the phone moves a little bit, the 3D photo will also slide. 3D photo is quite different from the 360’s of Facebook. In 360 where the camera shoots the entire panorama by right-left and up-down. In the same photo there is a 3D effect.
This feature has been rollout of Facebook, which is for both Android smartphones and Apple iOS. But in India we have seen only in the iOS device. It will be available in Android phones a few days later.