how to use music on youtube without copyright claim?

In today’s article I will tell you how you can use any song or music of any movie on your YouTube Video.
youtube copyright

 Normally, if we upload videos to YouTube, then if there is any music or video of Bollywood or music album or music mix in it, and we upload it to YouTube then YouTube gives us the message Content ID Match Content Id Match means she tells us that she is copyrighted and she shows us the name of owner owner. At that time YouTube gives you an option to YouTube that you claim. 
If the video is yours but you can not claim claim at that time because you have to show Proof Proof and the second option is to accept that this content is not mine, still I want to upload this video. At that time, whatever income Revenue Earn is from that video, the full Income Owner Income Owner gets it. It does not benefit you from this. Let’s know today how no copyrighted claim can be uploaded without uploading any music or video.

 If you are uploading any music or video, then do not upload it to you. When your video is uploaded, you have to go inside the Advance Setting Advance Setting. There is an option option on the licensed Copyright Ownership At that time the standard default is selected from the standard Youtube License. This means that you are the copyright owner copyright owner of this video and no one can access this video or its music without permission, and if someone does so you can claim it. 
The second option is going to be the Creative Commons Creative Common, which means that anybody can use this video without our permission if you are using content content in your song. Before you are publishing, go to Advance Settings and unselect the standard license by selecting Creative Commons. This will never have any claim on your video.

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