how to use the recycle bin in your mobile

When you are working on a computer and a file has been deleted, immediately withdraw from the Recycle Bin. This is the reason that you are working anxiously on the computer and if there is a turn to delete something anywhere, they delete it for more time. But if you are working on mobile and some delete, then it is difficult to bring it back and it becomes impossible. So think of several files before deleting any files. But after the way I am going to tell you, you can easily delete any file in the mobile.(android tips)

recycle bin

Like a computer, you can also use the Recycle Bin in your Android phone and bring back the deleted file from the phone. For this you have to download the Dumpster Mobile Application in your phone.
The best thing to say is that you do not need to work hard to use it, but the usage is quite simple and it starts working as soon as the installation is done.As soon as you install the dumpster mobile application, the option will come on the screen only to see what kind of file you want to back up. In it you will also have many other options, including audio, video and image. After the selection of the back, the work will start only after completing one of the two processes.

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Now if you delete anything in your Android phone then it will be stored in the dumpster application. You can store it back in the folder. However, it will also be in your mind that how many files can be deleted if multiple files are deleted. So let me tell you that the option to search the delete file in the application is also very easy. You can also search anybody on the basis of folders, videos, videos and images.Like a computer, the deleted files are kept as long as you do not delete them yourself. At the same time, it keeps delete files very casually, so that you can easily see it. You can also keep files in accordance with the date and size. However, there are not so many features in it that more talk can be done. This app is free on Google Play Store.