How To Write Blog Posts That Rocks with 20 Surefire Tips


How To Write Blog Posts That Rocks with 20 Surefire Tips

s we all know, content is king. So writing great blog posts will only make you successful. Great blog posts are not only that people like, it will make people to come again to read more posts. Now Lets Know how to write blog posts that convert your first time visitors to regular visitors.

Write blog posts that rocks with these 20 Surefire Tips:

1. Know your readers  and write what your readers want.

2. Make your writing reflection of your honesty.
3. Always Write content relevant to your blog niche.
4. Give credits wherever it is required.
5. Never write posts which only includes links series.
6. Try to include an image in every blog posts.
7.  If you have taken image from other source, give credits.
8.  Include Alt text in every images.
9. Try to use lists in place of paragraphs.
10. Write paragraphs as short as possible.
11. Include conclusion in the beginning of every posts.
12. Include action words in the end of every posts.
13. Try to write short sentences.
14. Divide your blog post in sub headings.
15. Use keywords in your post content.
16. Always write blog posts in your words (original posts).
17. Write your posts titles attractive.
18. Stick to one consistent writing style.
19. Always proofread your posts till you satisfied.
20. Always promote your posts whenever possible.

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