Whatsapp coming back to the Recall feature, will be able to get your message back within 5 minutes

Next time you send someone to mess with your girlfriends on the whitespace, send it to someone else, there is no need to worry. You will now be given a 5 minute time in the WhatSapp that you can get back this kind of unwanted message. According to WABetaInfo, the website that gives information on Whatsapp features, Whatsapp is going to present the ‘Recall’ feature soon. Through this feature, users will be given 5 minutes to return any text, image, video, GIF, document even status reply.

Whitesapp will bring this realistic feature into the app’s 2.17.30+ version. Currently the version of WhatsApp is 2.17.190. WABetaInfo had earlier informed that Whatsapp is going to bring such a feature through which the message sent will be deleted. With 1.2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is available in 50 different languages ​​and 10 Indian languages ​​worldwide. There are 20 million monthly active users of WhitesAP in India.
Earlier it was reported that Whatsapp is testing a feature that lets you keep your favorite chat at the top. If you like this ‘Pin’ feature of Whatsapp, you can try it on its beat version. To pin a chat, you can press it for some time and then select the pin mark that appears in the top bar. After selecting, the chat will start appearing at the top, which you have pinned. Once you pin the user, all other chats or groups will only see that pin chat. Only you can pin three chats in it right now. You can also unpin the chat you’ve pinned on.